Dammit Doll Review by Sarah Salles

Hi everyone! Today I will be reviewing the first of many products. As this month’s theme is unity, I have decided to review a product that has been proven to help release stress. Stress and anxiety are feelings that can prevent peace and unity. Finding peaceful ways to release these emotions will help us all to unite and coexist with ease.

Thus, I present to you, the Dammit Doll. Here is some information about this product.

The doll


Have you ever hit a pillow to release stress? From personal experience, I have discovered that punching or hitting an object can be an effective way to release stress and/or anxiety.

The Dammit doll was created as an alternative way to help people cope with stress and anger.  It comes in many patterns and colors and is 13 inches tall.

The Dammit Doll even comes equipped with a poem:

“Whenever things don’t go well and you want to hit the wall and yell, here’s a little Dammit Doll that you can’t do without. Just grasp it firmly by the legs and find a place to slam it. And as you whack the stuffing out, yell “DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT!”

dammit doll poem

Of course, you can choose to say any word your heart desires other than, “dammit” when using this product.


Overall, I like this product. It’s a good way to relieve stress and feel better if you’re stressed. I have released much of my frustration and anger, thanks to the use of this product. For $15.87, it is a pricey alternative to punching your bed or pillow. However, I feel that it is a worthwhile purchase. So let’s unite one Dammit doll at a time!

group of dolls