You’re probably wondering why I titled my post as I did. Well, I started writing a post and I had a whole big paragraph and then I exited the page, and I thought all my progress got deleted! So I started a new post, and thought that everything is what Hashem (G-d) wants to happen, and everything is Divine Providence. Good thing it actually saved and my dear readers, they lived happily ever after. The posts, of course ;)  So back on topic. Don’t we all love car rides…and it’s back to NYC for me! My uncle got engaged so we went in to NYC on Sunday. During my short stay, I got to take some beautiful pictures, some from a great vantage point, others that weren’t the best. Some were taken from the comforts of my heated car, others with which I had to pull on my coat and go outside in 20 degree weather :) But all’s good. It was absolutely worth it! I took 2 sunset pictures, and 2 city photos. The first sunset picture was taken at sunset-obviously- (Yay! I finally got it! Little did I know I would get such a pretty picture, and I didn’t even try!) when the sun was just just going down. A frozen lake happened to be below the sun, which added a cute little “crisp” look to the picture. Next to the sunset is a city picture, and I shook the camera too much, so the picture came out looking like a big mistake, but after I thought about it a little I realized that this type of photo is called blurred photography. Many pictures are styled in this way, where the picture is purposely blurred out or moved to make it look pretty. If you ever shoot one like this, don’t delete it! Then, I took a picture of this gorgeous looking palace? Or is it an office building? Whichever it is, it’s really cool. On my last picture, it’s none other than a cloudy sky of cotton candy! Or so I thought. To my dismay, I realized that no, it was actually a sunset! But every negative comes with a positive, right?

FOTW: If you’re very lucky, on a clear evening with an unobstructed horizon, you may see the fabled “green flash.” It is literally a flash of green light (the wavelength is in the middle of the spectrum) being refracted from the last tip of the setting sun. Nice! (If you end up seeing that green flash, please comment! I’d love to see a photo :)