What’s your favorite mode of transportation?

My favorite type of transportation is by plane, because I love the the chaos and excitement in the airport, and seeing all the people rushing. I also love sitting in the airplane and watching it take off. I like to sit near the window so I can see the plane going higher and higher into the clouds. I like that fact that the plane ride gives you lot of time to think, draw, write, and lots of other activities (that you can do sitting down).  My favorite part of the ride is when the flight attendants pass out snacks (this is pretty much the only time my mom lets me eat pretzels and chips)! Flying on a plane can be very fun!

Danielle, age 10, CA

My favorite mode of transportation depends on where I’m going and who I’m going with. For example, if I want to go shopping at the mall with my friends, I would probably take the bus, and if I’m going with my mother, we would drive in our minivan. In general, I like driving or flying. Subways aren’t for me.

Mushkie, age 13, NY

My favorite mode of transportation is a plane because you get to see everything from a different perspective.

Dvora, age 11, CA

My favorite type of transportation is an airplane because you get places that are really far away quicker than by going in a car.

Sarit, age 11, FL

My favorite mode of transportation is definitely planes.  I like planes because when you are in the sky, flying high, you see everything in a town. My favorite thing to see is swimming pools and tennis courts because they are very distinct. I like to think about how big they are when you are in them, but how small they seem in a plane. I’ve been on a plane tons of times, and love the sensation of taking off.

Hannah, age 13, IL