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Every Friday night, my mother and I light the Shabbos candles. When I put my fingers over my face, and shut my eyes, there’s this great feeling of being so close to Hashem (G-d). I know I can ask Him whatever I want, and that if it’s good for me, He’ll give it to me. I feel so peaceful when I lift my hands and stare at the candles, knowing everything will be all right. That is my greatest inspiration.
Nechama, age 12, NY

Well, for me, just about anything can be inspiring.  But, something that really inspires me? When I see someone standing up for what is right, whatever it is (I do it too), or when I see a disabled person.  It inspires me to help them, and to not take life for granted.  Or, when I see a Jew praying with all their heart, it inspires me to be like them and pray with more concentration.
Rivky, age 11, PA

Many things inspire me, like school, books, presidents, art, tzadikim, and many others.
Shoshana, age 9, VA

I am inspired by YALDAH magazine, which has grown so much! I’m also inspired by my friends in America.
Tehilla, age 12, Israel

I find that live role models, more than books, inspire me. I have really amazing teachers who inspire me to become “the best me I can be.”
Anonymous, NJ

This quote inspires me: “Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” I have this quote hanging on my desk which inspires me to try my best and always be positive!
Lily, age 13, NY

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