The Banana Herself

Little Feet

Like The Sunglasses?

Yup, you bet I did. Chana, there are no words for your adorableness.  (Is that even a word?) I seriously can’t get over my cousin. We call her Chana Banana because my aunt called her that once and it rhymed. The name just stuck.

I made sure to bundle her up tightly before we went outside, but you can see from her pink cheeks that either I didn’t do a very good job or that it’s just so freezing cold where I live! I made her laugh, and tickled her under her chin. She cracks up when I tickle her.

At first I brought out a banana, thinking she would think it was funny. That didn’t really work out, instead she walked out of her chair and yelled, “Nana!”

So scratch that, I thought. How about getting funky with some sunglasses? That looked cute! Then, I told her to sit on the grass and she stuck her foot out at me. So there’s another great picture! Would you believe that a good photo had come out of a mistake? As Albert Einstein says, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”


FOTW: A cluster of bananas is formerly called a “hand”. Along that theme, a single banana is called a finger. Does that mean my cousin is a finger? That sounds strange…