Hi Guys!

These past couple of weeks I have not gone on Yaldah.com a lot because I was sick and working on my science project, which is a lot of work. I am now feeling better and I finished the project. So I now have more time! Oh, and thank you to the people who have been waiting patiently for my next post.

I just got my report card. I am off to a great start this year.  I work very hard.  Sometimes I need to study on Saturdays, but it’s really hard because I go to Shul (synagogue) in the morning, and in the afternoon my family and I go to the park.  And on Sundays, I study in the mornings and do my homework. Sunday afternoons are usually set aside to do things together as a family like going ice skating, visiting a museum, or the zoo.

A couple of Friday night ago I saw a friend from school while walking home from someone’s house.  I could tell my friend was surprised that I was all dressed up.  My friend was still in her school clothes.  Before our conversation ended, she said I looked very pretty and asked me why I was all dressed up on a Friday night.  I explained to her that I was dressed up because it’s the Sabbath.  My friend thought that was very neat.

That’s it for now. So stay tuned : )