Last week, there was not much going on, but just two things happened.

Last week, I only had homework on Friday.  When I go home on Fridays, I don’t really do my homework because it’s right before Shabbat, and I also don’t do my homework on Saturday, because it’s still Shabbat.  On Sundays, I spend time with my family, but sometimes I finish my homework then.  Sometimes, though, I just don’t have the time.

I explain to my teachers that it’s hard for me to do my homework over the weekend.  There are times that they give me an extra day, but some of those times my grade does go down by one point or grade.

Another thing I want to tell you is about me and my friends.  It’s very hard for me to get together with my school friends over the weekends.  A lot if times on Shabbat/ Saturday afternoons when I’m at the park, they are out doing things with their families, and on Sunday I’m busy doing things with my family.  However, I am able to videochat with them after I’m done with my homework, dinner, and any other chores my parents ask me to do.  So, in a way, it’s like getting together with them….

Stay tuned for more!