Hi, it’s me again!

Last month I found out I’m going with my class to Disney World in Orlando on Febuary 6th, which is a Thursday. My school did not schedule the trip on Friday because they knew I wouldn’t be able to go because of the Sabbath.  It’s really nice that they were thinking about me. On the trip the class will get vouchers for lunch and dinner to buy non-kosher pizza at Cece’s Pizza Restaurant. I told my teacher that the pizza wasn’t kosher. I was expecting my teacher to tell me to bring lunch and dinner in a bag.  But she surprised me.  My teacher said that the school will give me a voucher for a restaurant that has kosher food at Disney World.

Last week, on Monday, when my mom dropped me off to school, I found out I forgot my lunch box.  So I ask my mom to drop it off by 11:30am, which is the time when my class has lunch. Well, it was 11:30am and my mom still had not dropped off my lunch.  I think she forgot about it or was busy. So I asked my teacher to call my mom.  My mom said she would drop it off soon. When my classmates and I were in the cafeteria for lunch my math teacher offered me $2 for the school lunch.  I thanked him but told him I could not buy the lunch because it was not kosher. As I was sitting in the cafeteria with my friends and waiting for my mom to drop my lunch off my teacher offered to give me cereal and milk ( the cereal and milk was kosher).  I am sort of a picky eater and told my teacher that I did not like the cereal. When my mom came she dropped my lunch box off and my teacher said I could eat in class.

Times like this I wish I was in a Jewish school so I wouldn’t have to worry about this. But when I think about how my public school and my teachers are so understanding about my religious requirements I feel lucky to be where I am.

So thats it for now. Stay tuned for more next week!!!!