Hi again! It’s Rivkah!

I’m so sorry I haven’t done any post for such a long time. I had to do tons and tons of work. If you are in middle school, you totally agree with me, right? And people who are getting ready for middle school, GOOD LUCK!

Anyways, lets get started!

Nothing really happened the last time I posted. But one thing…

Remember, I think the last time I posted, or  few posts that I made before, I said that I’m going to Hollywood Studios in Orlando?  Anyways on February 6, 2014, I went to Hollywood Studios. My science teacher was hosting the field trip, so of course she was there. When it was lunch time I ask her if I could get my separate lunch, and she said that I have to check the voucher to see if they had the restaurant. I checked it and they didn’t have it.. I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. So I called my mom and ask her what I should do. She said she wanted to talk to my science teacher, so she talked to her. My science teacher, and my mom said it’s not right for the restaurant not to be in the voucher. So my science teacher was nice enough, that she paid for my lunch, but she said that she wouldn’t pay for my dinner. So it was fine, B”H!

I had a great time there! It feels great to get a break and have some fun!

All the best!