I’m scared as I see

What the blizzard did to me

Fear and Hate

As harshness awaits

Slowly as the sun melts away

From me

The darkness overtook me

Like the shadow of my mourning heart

Struck by lightning, shivering in fright

As I saw the Gan Eden emerald city of light

Feeling united as the Shabbos

Candles glow

Everything is a flow

The stars, the moon, the sun, the home

I’m beaming in the twilight

As I know Redemption will come once again

As the light will redeem us all

In Yerushalayim, B’ezrat Hashem

I’ll see my family and friends

Smiling at me

In Jerusalem we will be

Holding hands and arms held tight

We will be shining beautifully in the light

As we are happy to be dancing in the night


— Malkie Peiser, Age 16
Margolin Hebrew Academy
Tennessee, USA