Hey again! So I was at a friend’s Bat Mitzvah, and I found this yummy stuff. Cupcake, icing, sprinkles and all, how much better can it get? I personally am not a huge fan of cupcakes- no, I am not on a diet- I just don’t have a special liking for them :)

How to get the blurred out effect? It usually works on most small cameras. You don’t need to get an expensive camera, but I doubt you will be able to take this picture with a disposable camera.

I love taking bokehs (bo-kee) You can sometimes get this effect with point and shoot cameras but usually its by accident. The best way I know is to get extremely close up and focus on something only feet away….

Sometimes closer then the object in the foreground is in focus and the background isn’t. I took this one on my camera (Canon Rebel T2i), on automatic setting.



Don’t you want to just eat the picture? Mmmmm!


Do’s and Don’ts of Photography:

1) DO keep snapping until you get the right one.

2) If you’re taking a picture of an animal or child, DO get down on their eye level.

3) DON’T get discouraged- keep trying!

4) DON’T forget to focus your camera!

5) DO try different angles and see which one works best for you.

6) DON’T take pictures of children indoors- it won’t work as well as outdoors.

7) DO look around your neighborhood for different things to photograph.

8) DON’T edit it too much, or it’ll come out looking like a picture from a kid’s book, plus it takes away from the beauty of the actual picture!

9) DO experiment and see which edit looks good on your photo. Some photos need edits, but some don’t. So be careful.

10) DON’T turn on the flash when you’re outside and it’s bright outside.

Hope this works for you, and comment on what you’d like to see in this blog! Have a great week!