Hello! I hope you have all been having a wonderful summer! I’ve just been enjoying spending time with my family. Together we have been sweltering in the summer heat. You’ve probably been wearing your hair in a ponytail to help “beat the heat!” Let’s add some spice to your ponytail with this fun (not to mention cute, adorable, one of kind, pretty, stylish, amazing…etc.) orange and watermelon hair-band craft!

final orange w

Let’s begin!

Supplies you will need:

supplies hair


– Felt scraps in the colors yellow, orange, green, pink, white, and black

– Hot glue or tacky glue

– Hair-bands/hair clips (I found hair-ties easier to use in this craft.)

-1 pen

-Fabric scissors

-A needle and thread (optional)

-Your Creativity!

Step 1: From the felt scraps, cut out the shapes for the orange and the watermelon as shown below:

Felt shapes for the orange:

Note: You will also need to cut out an orange half-moon shape that is slightly larger than the white half-moon shape.

orange 1


Felt shapes you will need for the watermelon:


watermelon 1


Step 2: Stack and glue the felt shapes of the watermelon and the orange using preferably tacky glue.

Orange 2

watermelon 2


Step 3: Cut out two green leaf shapes and glue them to the back of the orange shape.

orange 3

orange 4


Step 4: Cut out another orange half-moon shape. Stack and glue it onto the back of the orange shape. This will add strength to the felt orange shape while also helping to cover the backside of the green leaves. Repeat this step for the watermelon shape.

orange 5


orange 6


Step 5: Now we’re going to attach the hairbands to the fruit shapes!

For the felt orange: Cut out a small strip of orange felt.

orange 7


Then, “sandwich” the hairband between the strip of orange strip of felt and the felt orange shape. Secure the felt orange strip to the orange shape with glue.


orange 8


Repeat the same steps for the watermelon shape.


watermelon 5


watermelon 6


Step 6 (optional): If desired, stitches may be added to the hair accessory to ensure that it does not come apart.

orange st


watermelon st


We’ve finished!

final orange w


Add these colorful hairbands to your hairstyle for some refreshing, summer flair!

orange hair watermelon in hair



Sarah the Craft Blogger :)

P.S. With Rosh Hashanah approaching, you could use the techniques you learned in this craft to help you make apple-shaped hair-bands! Let me know what styles you create! Have fun!