Hi fellow craft lovers! I’m Sarah the craft blogger! I’m excited to launch this very first craft with you! I hope you enjoy making it!

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Let’s begin!

Supplies you will need:

1 small, recycled box in a size of your choice

1 piece of green felt. Size will depend on the size of your box.

1 piece of thin cardboard

2 wooden skewers

1 bottle of very sticky craft glue

1 pair of scissors

1 sheet of scrapbooking paper (you can also use construction paper or patterned duct tape).

6 small pom-poms or beads

1 sheet of paper

1 roll of clear tape

1 ruler

1 marker or pen

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Step 1: Take your recycled box, and trace one of it two largest faces on the sheet of paper. Once you have cut out this shape, you will use it as a template for the green felt.

photo (11)



Step 2: Use your freshly cut template to cut out your green felt to the desired size. If you don’t cut it out perfectly on the first try, don’t be discouraged—I also had to adjust mine! Luckily, felt is a very forgiving fabric to work with!

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Step 3: Use the extra sticky craft glue to attach the green felt to the box.

photo (13)


Step 4: Cover all remaining sides of the box with your favorite scrapbook paper, patterned duct tape, or construction paper.

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Step 5: Cut four rectangular shapes out of the thin piece of cardboard. These will be used as the side railing of the pool table. Length will vary depending on the size of your box, however, I recommend cutting strips that are at least 1.5 centimeters wide for best results.

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Step 6: Glue the “side railing” onto all for side edges of the top of the box. The cardboard should be glued slightly past the edges of the box. This will ensure that the billiard balls (pool table balls) will not roll off the table during the game!

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Step 7: Now, you will need to measure how tall you would like your pool table to be. Use your doll to help you measure. I used an 11-inch doll, so the table reached just below her waist.

photo (17)


Step 8: Mark the point you measured the cardboard with a line. Then, extend the line and cut the cardboard according to the measurement you made. This will form a strip that will be used to make the base of the pool table.

photo (18)


Step 9: Fold the cardboard strip into a rectangular prism by making three, evenly spaced horizontal folds. Secure the rectangular prism with clear tape. The size of the pool table’s base will vary depending on the pool table’s size.

photo (20)


Step 10: Pinch the sides of the rectangular prism to make it form a parallelogram prism. This will be the base of the pool table. Stand the base on a flat surface without anything supporting it. If you notice that the base is sitting on a tilt or slant, even out its edges with your scissors until it sits flat. This will ensure that the pool table will not have a tilted surface.

photo (19)


Step 11: Attach the base to the pool table with clear tape.

photo (22)


Step 12: Arrange the 6 pom-poms or beads into the shape of an equilateral triangle. You will only need to measure on side of the triangle because all sides of the triangle should be equal. Write down the measurement because you will be using it to make the rack (triangle that holds the billiard balls).

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Step 13: Cut a strip of cardboard that is three times as long as the measurement you made. Fold it into a triangle, and secure its shape with a piece of clear tape. Now, you can place the pom-poms/billiard balls inside of the rack.

photo (24)


Step 14: Measure how long you would like your cues to be. Use a marker/pen to mark this measurement. Measurements may vary depending on the size of the dolls you are making the cues for. Cues are the sticks used to hit the billiard balls during a game of pool. Once you’ve cut the cues to the desired size, you may need to sand down any rough edges to make it suitable for play. If you’d like you can add fun details to the cues like stripes!

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We’re finished!

This is the finished product! Now, you can add more details if you’d like! I added pink stripes to my cues and numbers to my billiard balls. This pool table is ready for a game night in the dollhouse!

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