Shabbat Light Cover

Do you ever accidentally turn on or off the light on Shabbat? Well, I have an idea that will help you remember not to turn on or off the light! It’s called a Shabbat Light Cover.


Take a piece of cardboard and cut out two 1×1 inch squares and three 1 ½ x 1 ½ inch squares.


Line them up so that it looks like a 3-D box with one square missing. Specifically, line them up so that two of the 1 ½x1 ½ inch squares are on the sides and one of them is in the  middle and the two 1×1 inch squares are on the top and bottom. Now it should look like a  3-D box with one missing square.


Tape it together the way you lined it up.



Write Do Not Turn On/Off on the outside of the middle piece.

Decorate it however you want to.


Tape it to the light so that the light switch is inside of the box and you cannot get to the light switch.


Now whenever you go to turn on or off the light on Shabbat,  you’ll remember not to.