Cover Photo Contest

We’re looking for a cover for our Tishrei /September issue. Send us your best Fall, Back to School, or Rosh Hashanah themed photos of Jewish girls! We’ll choose our favorite to feature on the cover. 

Eligibility: Subjects in the photo must be Jewish girls ages 8-15.

Photo Guidelines: Here are some tips to taking a great cover photo:

1. Check out covers of YALDAH to see the style we use. We like photos of girls looking happy, having fun, and looking at the camera.

2. The photo should be taken portrait style (up and down) as opposed to landscape style.

3. Leave room at the top to put the YALDAH logo.

4. Girls in the photo must be dressed modestly. Girls should be wearing skirts that cover the knee, sleeves that cover the elbow, and a neckline that covers the collarbone.

5. No words or logos on clothing.

7. Take the photo in good lighting where there aren’t too many shadows. Outdoor lighting is best.

8. Keep the background simple and clutter free.

9. Use a “professional” quality camera with the highest resolution that you can. The photo must be high quality.

10. Take LOTS of photos. You may submit as many photos as you want. The more photots, the better chance we’ll find one we like.

To Enter: Submit your photo below, or email to When you email a submission make sure to include the entrant’s full name, age, e-mail address, mailing address, and phone number, as well as the name of the photographer. Photos must be received by July 15, 2012.

Prize:  The winning photo will be featured as the cover photo of our Tishrei/September issue and the winner will receive 10 copies of the issue for family and friends.  A number of “runners up” may be featured as covers for future issues.

All submissions become the property of YALDAH for future publication. 

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