Spring has sprung and Pesach (Passover) is in the air (in addition to some lovely pollen…).  When I’m not on Yaldah, I’m helping my mother prepare for Pesach.  (Past of my job has been eating up all of the chametz we don’t have room to put away. ;) )

For some of our  chametz items, like boxed cereal and oatmeal, it’s as easy as packing them away into a few kitchen cabinets and drawers and taping the shut with some good ol’ duct tape so that nobody accidentally opens them out of habit.  But doesn’t duct tape look a little scary?

That’s why I’ve made these handy little labels that you can print, cut out, and tape to your own chametz-filled cabinets and drawers.  They’re eye-catching, so people are definitely going to notice them.  I’m calling them Comics L’Pesach.

Enjoy and have a chag kasher v’sameach!