To make cozy pajamas, you need 2 yards of knit fabric, thread,  a great t-shirt pattern. Lace, if desired.

Trace and add an inch to each seam, including the neckline and add 10 -14 inches to the bottom (or more if necessary)

Pin pattern to fabric and cut out.

Pin front to back, right sides together, at the shoulders and sew.

Stitch down neckline

Pin in sleeves and sew (again, right sides together)

Pin Side seams, and sew  right sides together

Pin sleeve hem and sew.

If you like lace, pin to sleeves at sleeve hem, and pin to bottom at bottom hem and stitch down.

If you don’t want to add lace, pin hem up from the bottom of the night shirt and sew.

Cut loose  and long threads. Wear and enjoy.

Not, if you don’t have a pajama pattern, you can turn your favorite t-shirt inside out and trace the same way. This will create a dolman sleeve.

Add lace to bottom and sleeves as desired