The chicks arrived a few days ago. Here is a (not very good) picture of them on the first day:



We have six chicks. They are named Annika, Alice, Georgia, Hazel, Pippi, and Rebecca.  Everyone in my family named one.

We have them in a big tub. It’s technically a horse trough for a horse to eat out of, but it works fine for them. In this picture, they were pecking food off of a layer of paper towels, which we had on top of their bedding for the first day. (Funnily enough, their bedding is also horse bedding.)

On the first day we got them, we dipped their beaks in the water dish so they all knew how to drink. They picked food off of the paper towels. Later, we upgraded them to a feeder.

One of the hardest parts about having chicks is keeping the temperature right. If it’s too hot or too cold, they will die. We have a heating lamp over them, but getting the temperature just right is hard. Since they’re in a shed outside, it gets a lot cooler at night, so we have to lower the lamp. And when it’s hot, we need to raise it.

Here are our chicks playing outside:

chicks 2


chicks 3


See you next week!