As the sun goes down we start the holy Shabbos by lighting the Shabbos candles. As they flicker in the night, it almost seems that they are telling the story of the Parsha or the Haftorah.

They are the perfect dancers, twirling in the night.

As I gaze at the candles shining so bright, I think of the great women lighting throughout the ages. They lit in the hard times, even when they struggled. They kept their spirits high with Shabbos candles.

Sometimes they lit with tears in their eyes, wishing to live through the week to be able to light the Shabbos lights again. As their husbands sang Zemirot, they watched the candles with hope in their eyes, praying for this happiness every day.

I am inspired today by their spirit to overcome the darkness with light. I will cherish the mitzvah and continue to shine the light of those women who sacrificed for us.


— Musya Presman, Age 11
Yeshiva Girls School of Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania, USA