Animals. What exactly are they? For this topic I’m going to try to interview the animals in my home. Then I’m going to interview the people in my house about how they feel about other kinds of Hashem’s creatures. Or vise versa. I think I’ll only interview humans for this one. so first I’ll ask my mother. One good thing, one bad thing.
Me: “For important information qualities. I must know, what do think of cheetahs?”
Mom: “I think they’re awesome. And they’re fast.”
Dad: “I think they help keep the Gazelle population from getting too big for their britches. Make that a good thing and a bad thing.
Me: “Ditto on my question”
Brother:”I remain neutral. I like them and don’t like them.” I tried to make his answer more interesting. But he wouldn’t budge.
Me: Still the same question
Me:”THEY’RE EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” simple question simple answer.
Next time we’ll work on what the animals and people in my house think of koalas! :D

Orly Tunkel, Age 10
Anchorage, Alaska