I hope everyone had a beautiful and inspiring Rosh Hashana!

I feel like so much has happened since I first blogged, although it was really only two weeks ago! So much has happened since then. School is nice, and the dorm is super fun. We are like one big family in the dorm. I miss my real family, but I am going back home for Succos, G-d willing (one more week!).

Here’s a Hashgacha Protis (Divinely orchestrated) story that happened to me:

It was Erev Rosh Hashanah, and I was on my  way to daven (pray), walking to shul (synagogue). My friend, Chana, was accompanying me until her aunt’s house, where she was going to help out with the kids. Our dorm counselor was on her way back from shul and informed us that it was closed; it was being cleaned for Yom Tov (the holiday). After a brief conference with Chana, we decided that she would check on the shul when she was done, and then call me so I could daven (if it was open) and walk her back, since our sense of direction was still hazy.

When I returned to the dorm, my friend Rivkah told me that she was leaving for Yom Tov, suitcase in hand. I asked her if she was getting picked up, and she replied in the negative, so I offered to walk with her. On the way back, I stopped at the shul to see if it was open yet. It was still closed. I felt a cool sensation on my arm. It was wet to the touch. A few minutes later, it was practically pouring rain. I debated over whether I should call Chana and ask her if she was done, go back to the dorm, or wait for her to come to the shul. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted her down the block hurriedly pushing a stroller with two kids, trying to get back to her aunt’s house before getting soaked.

I speed walked after her until I finally caught up. We walked into the apartment building, and it turned out that the elevator wasn’t working. I helped her carry the stroller up the few flights of stairs, and she told me she was ready to go as soon as we dropped her cousins off.  

As we walked back together, we marveled over the Divine providence that we had been lucky enough to experience.

It’s so interesting how things could be viewed in different ways. We could have viewed the closed shul, rain, and out of service elevator as something negative. But we chose to look past it, and notice the finer details orchestrated from above. She was able to get up the apartment stairs much more easily because I saw her. And I only saw her because it started to rain and she decided to head back, and the shul was closed so I wasn’t inside… Oh, by the way, did I mention that she was returning from an ice cream store…?  ;)

I wish you all to be sealed in the book of life for a sweet new year filled with happiness and may you be ‘showered’ with lots of blessings!


My Rosh Hashana Experience in Lubavitch Headquarters 770:

Lots of pushing.

Extremely crowded.

Lots of squeezing.

It left me astounded.  

There was no space,

But when more people came,

It was something we didn’t waste.

Was it worth it?

The door did not stay closed,

How did we fit?

Only Hashem knows.

It was so full,

But so inspiring

To be in the Rebbe’s Shul.

Where so many people were davening.

Each person with their own prayer

In mind.

Each prayer,

One of a kind.

I imagined those prayers soaring up high.

Reaching the heavenly sphere.

And I felt like being there,

Helped me prepare for the new year.

I left, a new person.

Different than before,

I left, a new person.

Inspired to do more.

Yes, it was worth it!