A girl stands in front of a mirror. At least, it resembles a mirror. However, the girl is tall, with red hair and gray eyes, and her reflection is shorter, with dark brown hair, and piercing blue eyes, and the background is also totally different. The girl listens silently as the strange reflection talks to someone she can’t see. ” What is this,” the girl in the mirror asks, ” Who is that girl?” A person the girl outside the glass cannot see replies, “Perhaps you’ll meet her someday, or you’ve met her already. Time is a strange thing.” The red-haired girl wonders what the unseen person is talking about, but her mouth will not open. The girl inside the glass says, “She looks nice. I wouldn’t mind meeting her- or having met her, as you’d say.” The reflection is obviously sincere, and the girl wonders why someone would want to meet her just from looking at. Then she realizes: she’s not the one in a mirror. I am.

Lesha woke up with a start. What a strange dream, she thought, But I can’t recall what it was about. Never mind that, her head was brimming with questions about the mystery girl. I’m never going to see her again, am I? Their guests were leaving today, and the mystery girl would probably bore of their town soon enough and move on. Why would someone like her come here anyways? Lesha didn’t know a single thing about the mystery girl, but she was determined to find out.


The girl sat, reading a book she’d scavenged. It was amazing what people got rid of. Then she heard it. A curious sound. Now what could that possibly be? She knew every kind of sound that was usually heard in these tunnels, and that wasn’t one of them. She followed the sound until she ended up outside. It was a beautiful day, and she saw someone reading, a girl with a red ponytail. Lesha. the girl ducked and hid, but Lesha was absorbed in her book and didn’t notice. Then the girl saw the title of Lesha’s book. It was the exact same one she’d just been reading.