Every submission you send in during Channukah (December 10-17) earns you a ticket to be entered in a raffle to be a part of an exclusive, behind-the-scenes, issue planning meeting with Yaldah Publisher Leah Caras, Chief Operations Officer Meira Goldberg, Submissions Editor Tali Gross, Editorial Board Coordinator Rebecca Berlin and our Editorial Board Coordinator in training, Tamar Lilienthal.

We are always interested in receiving any articles you may have written. However, if you need some ideas, here are some submissions we are accepting for the next few issues:

  • Article ideas (1 ticket for 3 ideas) – can include ideas for real role model, people interview, what’s it like or discussion topic ideas, or other article ideas
  • Letters to the Editor for Yaldah Mailbox
  • Questions for Q&A (Any advice or help you need!)
  • Question for Ask the Rabbi
  • Divine Providence Story
  • Fiction Story
  • Personal Essay for Heart to Heart
  • Discussion Topic: How do you connect to Israel?
  • Discussion Topic: What is true freedom?
  • Discussion Topic: What’s your favorite kind of exercise?
  • Poetry

As well as any other submissions you can think of!

Send in your submissions between December 10th and December 17th to be a part of this exciting raffle! You can submit by emailing to submit@yaldah.com or through the form here. Make sure to include your name, age, state, and email address with all submissions. Winner will be notified by email.