Written by: Tea Freedman-Susskind

1. On what day (of the Jewish year) does Chanukah begin?

A. 25th of Cheshvan
B. 1st of Tevet
C. 25th of Kislev
D. 1st of Kislev

2. Which king of Syria was involved in the Chanukah story?

A. Antiochus III
B. Seleucis IV
C. Antiochus IV
D. All of the above

3. What is “Maccabee” an acronym for? (Hint: I’ll give you the Hebrew)
A. Mi Kamocha Ba’eilim Hashem, “Who is like You, O G-D?”
B. Mitzvah Kavatz Vakesh Har (commandment assembled seek mountain)
C. Mal’ach Karav Bahar B’ Heenah (messenger approached he chose behold)
D. Mateh Kadosh Batach Ha Norah (staff holy he trusts the awesome)

4. Who had possession of Israel at that point in history?
A. The Roman Empire
B. The Syrian-Greek Empire
C. The Byzantine Empire
D. None of the Above

5. Who started the revolution against the Syrian-Greek rule?
A. Judah the Strong
B. Shimon the Wise
C. Mattityahu
D. Yochanan

6. Where did the (successful) revolution start?
A. Jerusalem
B. Modin
C. Tel Aviv
D. Bathsheba

7. Who did the king institute as the

Jewish High Priest?
A. Joshua/Jason
B. Menelaus
C. Both A and B
D. Horatius

8. What happened on the day that Chanukah starts?
A. The altar in the rebuilt temple was dedicated, and the miracle of Chanukah began
B. Antiochus surrendered to the Maccabees
C. They were able to procure new oil for the menorah
D. They began to rebuild the ransacked Temple

9. How many days did they have enough oil for, and for how many days did it burn?
A. No oil, menorah lit on its own and burned for six days
B. Four days of oil, burned for nine
C. Two days of oil, burned for seven
D. One day of oil, burned for eight




1) C  2) D  3) A  4) B  5) C  6) B  7) C  8) A  9) D