Chanukah is absolutely the best time to let your creativity shine! My favorite thing to do is bake, so I made a candy Menorah for a contest in my city.

Here is the recipe! Hope you enjoy it as much as all the kids (don’t forget judges) did!

So, this is kind of complicated; you’ll need a lot of candies for this.
Rainbow Twizzlers
Mike N Ikes
Sour Sticks
Fruit Frosted O’s
Jelly Bellies
Laffy Taffies
Mini Marshmallows
Rice Crisps
Flaked Coconut

Make a Rice crispies recipe. Here is a very easy one: Place a cup full of mini marshmallows in the microwave to melt with a little bit of margarine for about one minute. Take it out and put some food coloring in the bowl and mix it very well. Add 3 cups of Rice Crispies and mix very well. Do this for all the different colors you want. After each one, make a rectangle that can stand by itself with one color. Set aside for 40 min. each one.

After 30 min. make a cutout of a house as big as you want. Place it on the rice crispies and make as many as you want (in this case I made 8 and an extra big one). Take your candy (Twizzlers, sour sticks) and cut them into 1 inch pieces. Take one house and pipe frosting along the roof, and then place the candies on in a roof pattern. Pipe frosting as icicles along the edge of the roof. Repeat for each house. When done with all houses, set it up like a menorah with the big house in the middle, and don’t forget to put tea lights in front.