Hi, my name is Chana Korn, and I am 12 years old.  I am on shlichus in Manhattan.  Last year I was going on Mivtzoim in the mall.  A girl passed by so I asked her ” Are you Jewish?”  She ignored the question and continued walking, so I went over to her and asked her again.  Finally she answered, in an annoyed way, ”Yes.”  I gave her a candle, and a card with the address of my Chabad House.  About 9 months later, she showed up at my Chabad House.  I didn’t recognize her because she was wearing a skirt and long sleeves.  When she told me who she was, I was shocked.  She explained to me that her whole family is frum, but she thought that all the Jewish rules (Halachos) were giving here a bad life, so she ran away.  But when I gave her that candle she realized those rules were really making her life better.  I changed someone’s life, and so can you, by just giving one candle.


—  Chana Korn, Age 12
Beth Rivka
New York City, New York, USA