Sorry I’m late – I’ve been really busy. Chanukah was wonderful; it was really nice to be home. It makes every moment precious when I know I am only there for a limited time. We were getting ready to move to a new house in the same area, so over Chanukah we were packing, packing, and packing some more. It was amazing to see how much bigger the house looked as it was emptying.  It made me think about how much you can do without and that our belongings are not what are most important; our actions and good deeds are what matter most.


Moving symbolizes a beginning,

A chapter in my life is turning.

It’s a chance to reorganize,

It makes me feel energized.


The new house is full of possibility,

For new memories, happiness, and tranquility.

Moving arouses the feeling of longing,

The new house is calling!


I got to see the house, and I look forward to coming back home to it next time.

I hope you all had a happy Chanukah!