Today I’m sharing a chain-ribbon bracelet! It’s really simple, easy, and very beautiful! This project requires scissors and pliers, please use caution. If needed, ask a parent’s permission first and take care.


Ribbon, any color (you can use any size, but an inch wide is preferred)
Long oval-linked chain
Jewelry tools – pliers and side cutters


Step 1: Take your long chain and wrap it around your wrist twice.

Step 2: Take the jewelry tools and remove the excess chain. Make sure the two ends of the chain meet when wrapped around your wrist.

Step 3: Take your ribbon and lay it next to your chain.  Cut the ribbon 8 inches longer than the chain.

Step 4: Put the ribbon through the chain, weaving in an under-over pattern every two links. Keep going until you have your whole ribbon through the links. You should finish with a few extra inches of ribbon on each end of the chain.

Step 5: Wrap the chain around your wrist twice and tie the two ribbon ends together. Now you’ve got a beautiful chained ribbon bracelet! You can even add a little extra decoration by adding charms!