1 piece of plain paper


ruler (or gage)

pre-quilted fabric (or two pieces of fabric and one piece of batting )(1/8 yard is more than enough)

matching thread

velcro or button

cell phone


1.) Trace your  cell phone, and make a rectangle around it on the plain paper. (It should be the width of the cell phone.)

2.) Now measure the thickness of the cell phone.

3.) Draw a wider rectange  around the 1st one 1/2 the thickness of the cellphone plus 3/4 of an inch.

4.) At one of the narrow ends of the oval  or rectangle, and 5 inches.

5.) Now you have your pattern.

6.) Pin your pattern with one of the narrow ends on the fold, and cut it.

7.) Fold one inch over on one of the narrow ends, and sew.

8.) Fold the fabric so that narrow ends are together.

9.) Unfold and refold the same way (with right sides together), but leaving four inches of fabric on one side.

10.) Pin and sew

11.) On the extra flap, fold over 3/4 of an inch on the topf, right and left edge and sew.

12.)Turn right side out

13.) Add velcro to the inside and follow instructions to attach (there is iron-on, sew -on, or stick-on) or add button and button hole.

14.)Use and enjoy