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A vivid sketch by King Solomon of a celebrated woman opens as follows: “Aishes chayil mi yimtza – A woman of valor, who can find?” (Proverbs 31:10) Indeed, due to her deep modesty, it is often a challenge to pinpoint one who harnesses her “Aishes” (feminine gifts) to be a “Chayil” (warrior) of light, strength, and virtues in this chaotic world. Yet, she still devotedly continues her noble work behind the scenes; and it is high time we reveal her story, so we may all be inspired by her example and leadership. The twenty-two verses of “Aishes Chayil” follow an alphabetic sequence to indicate the Jewish woman’s positive qualities, from “Alef to Tav!” The Jewish woman is blessed with extra ability to elevate her home and world to become a more Divine place where G-d is found, as the the simple words of the song combined with their deeper meaning allude; she brings harmony between heaven and earth. Jewish women throughout the ages, and especially today, are dabbling and mastering in a staggering variety of fields and professions, in addition to deftly often juggling the duties of wife, mother, and homemaker. In each colorful niche, they are making their mark on those around them, and the world at large, but all with the touch of the distinguished feminine energy that they share. Illustrating with a fine hanging, each woman contributes a rare element of the design – her unique role and abilities – and together, they form to complete a most glorious tapestry: the archetype of the multifaceted woman of valor. We are uniting the wisdom of the Matriarchs who shaped our past with the wisdom of the mothers and leaders illuminating today, to cultivate the Jewess of the future. Please join us as we meet some of these remarkable women, delving into their dynamic missions, inspiring visions, and what makes them tick.

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