Today I decided to go random and write about whatever comes to my mind in terms of interior design.

Random tip #1: Make sure your furniture matches:

That is, don’t have bright yellow walls, a purple table, green chairs, and orange cabinets!

OK, so you might be saying that’s a bit drastic, and who would ever do that?

But it can even be something not that bad, like a cream armoire, when everything else is wooden and the walls are white.

Random tip #2: Keep that drawer neat:

Make sure that when you remove a shirt from your drawer, the piles stay folded and neat. Also, if you take something out of your closet, hang it back up! Otherwise, your closet will be a huge mess!

Not in the mood? Simply set aside 5 minutes every day to hang up your clothes and redo your drawer. Hope it works!

Random tip #3: Smelling the roses-literally!

Keep a vase or two of flowers around the house, or you can use something else with a good smell. I’m not here for craft ideas, otherwise I’d give you  a whole article on how to make something! ;)

Random tip #4: Air!

Ah! Who doesn’t enjoy breathing in fresh air? Open all your windows every day for about 1/2 hour, to air out your room and to freshen it up. Also, if you don’t have one, a fan or air conditioner always helps-especially in camp! :)

Random tip #5: Draw!

No, not on the walls! And dont ask your baby brother to help you, either. What I mean is this: Find (or paint tour own) paintings that match with the decor of your home, and then hang them up on the walls. Simple, right?

Good Luck! Again, If you have any ideas or tips, please post them below!