Hey everyone!

So my fall issue hasn’t come yet, which kind of makes this post a little pointless :) Maybe it will come today! I’ll post again when I get it. I’m so excited to see it, because although I do see most of what’s in the magazine before it goes to print, it’s still so exciting to see it in real, live (who was it that said the written word is alive?) magazine form. Every time I get the magazine I’m amazed by it. How is it that a bunch of young girls are able to put together something so beautiful? Oh, and what’s this with saying it’s not really fall? Technically, fall lasts until December 21st so we’ve got some time :)
Anyway, I’m mostly writing to wish you guys a wonderful Shabbos! I hope you’re all inspired this Shabbos, and you’re connection with Hashem is strengthened.
What’s your favorite Shabbos food?
Leave your answers in the comments!