We ate lunch – a little salad
Then Abah told us the Sedra, up to daled
We helped cook for Shabbos,
Biscuits and cake
When finished we got a nibble
And shouted ‘hooray!’
Abah soon went to shul to pray,
Me and Simcha
Stayed with Ima
And watched
As the sky outside
Turned orange, then pink,
Then dark blue and white
Ima sighed
‘Come on girls
It’s time to light
The Shabbos candles for tonight
First be careful
I will light the match
You say the Bracha
Wave your hands
And that’s that.’
We both watched, Then waved our hands one two three
And covered our eyes
Whispering short words
We uncovered our eyes
Buzzing like fireflies
With excitement
And looked at the fire
Smiling we hugged each other…
We both looked out of the window
Looked outside
Our grins very wide
Both of us could see
Candles! Candles! Burning bright
By windows in houses in the night
Truly were amazed at the sight
At these holy and so beautiful lights…

— Brocha Jacobs, Age 10
King David Primary School
Birmingham, England