”Mommy I am going to the supermarket. I need to buy something,” said Rosie
”Ok sweetie, be back at five– that gives you forty five minutes, that should be enough time.
”Yeah that should be enough time, bye.”

Rosie trudged through the thick blanket of snow for five minutes and finally reached the smallsupermarket.  ”Excuse me, may I buy a candlestick?”
”Sure they should be in aisle five,” said the storekeeper.
”Ahhh here they are, and what a surprise– the candles are right here too.  Great, now all I need is to pay, I should be home in ten minutes,” thought Rosie.
”That will be $6.50 please,” said the storekeeper
”Ok,” Rosie replied.

As Rosie trudged home, she thought about why she had not been lighting candles anymore. It was because her mother threatened her, if she dared to light Shabbos candles, she would be punished.

When Rosie got home, she set up the candles, and her mother came into the room! She saw the candles all set up, and almost passed out. She felt horrible for not allowing her daughter to follow in her ancestors’ footsteps in lighting candles. She apologized and told her she could light this week and for all the weeks to come.

As Shabbos neared, Rosie was so excited to finally light, that she not only lit this week, but for every other week to come.


—  Malka Paul
Yeshiva Shaarei Tzion
Manalapan, New Jersey, USA