I cross of the last day on my list
And look at the plain watch on my wrist
Yes, school is all done
Summer is here but without the usual fun
So, you see
This summer will be sad for me
Well, not only I
My friends will also cry
The most boring summer is upon us all
No this summer will not be a ball
With everything stopped
And our floors that haven’t been mopped
These few months will be a great bore
Yes that for sure
Or so I thought
Until my eye was caught
On a flyer that said
This summer can be a blast which is what lead
To a summer of fun
For everyone
Camp JGU
Is definitely for you
You’ll meet new girls
Each one more precious then pearls
You’ll learn, draw, and play
A summer like no other before
One that you cant ignore
So don’t waste your break
Wishing you were at a lake
Follow the sign
And learn how to shine