Sorry for the delay in posting…

Wednesday morning I had to get up early, but luckily I felt like it was 3 hours later since I’m used East Coast time zone! My mother and I met with the Wells Fargo and Habitat for Humanity representatives, a few streets away from the Wells Fargo History Museum, and we got into the Wells Fargo stagecoach! The stagecoach, preceded by policemen riding on horses, went through the Financial District of San Francisco, where the street had been closed for us. For an entire block in front of the Wells Fargo Museum the sidewalks were packed with people waving and trying to take pictures!

People made their way into the Wells Fargo Museum where we sat down for the prize presentation. Sylvia Reynolds, Wells Fargo’s Chief Marketing Officer, presented us an over-sized check for $100,000! After the presentation, there was a reception, complete with kosher cake! The girls from Bais Menachem School came on a field trip, and gave the letters they had written beforehand. I also got to meet editorial board member, Emily Gordis, and her family, and Menucha Ferris, one of our frequent contributors.

After the reception my mother and I, and my relatives who had come in for the reception, had a kosher lunch in the Wells Fargo Library, with the staff from Wells Fargo who worked on the Someday Stories campaign. They were already starting to sort through which photos they liked best from the event, and deciding which ones should go online. Hopefully I’ll have a link to them soon!

After that I had the afternoon free to walk around and tour San Francisco, and do a little shopping with my mother. Then I went to Berkeley with my family for a delicious meal at YALDAH reader, Menucha Ferris’s house!

I had to go to bed early to catch an early flight the next day, for the next part of my trip…

The Wells Fargo Stagecoach with winners inside going through San Francisco

The crowd outside the Wells Fargo Museum

Me, my mother, and the stagecoach driver

Sylvia Reynolds, me, and my mother

The check!!

A sign inside the Wells Fargo Museum

The outside of the Wells Fargo Museum

My mother standing outside our video in the museum window

Me in San Francisco

Me & Menucha Ferris