Hey everyone!

How was your fast? Hope it was nice and easy. It’s finally hot here again and I’m loving every second of it. There’s just one thing bugging me – really bugging me: The bugs. Truthfully, I have nothing against them. They’re great – in pictures. This morning I had one big nasty bug visit me. It didn’t let me down, it left me with a nice little goodie. Bites itch like crazy. And it’s not exactly something you can take a Tylenol for. Which is why, in a way, they’re worse than pain.

Usually, mosquito bites are quite harmless, it’s really just the itch. But, according to MayoClinic, they can sometimes trigger low-grade fever, a large area of swelling and redness, hives or swollen lymph nodes. In that case, consult your doctor.

For your average bite, here are some ideas to take the itch away:

Don’t touch.  This is probably the hardest thing to do when you’ve got a bite, at least for me. The trick is not to scratch in the first place. Instead of making you better, itching spreads the mosquito’s saliva (which causes the bump and the itch) which just makes it itch more. Don’t touch the area, you’ll be better off.

Spritz it. I was always the girl who ran around the country covered in bites with a nice following of mosquitos trailing behind. I’ve been bitten everywhere, including my eyelid; It puffed up and I had to take antibiotics. Insects hate the smell of vinegar, so my grandmother would fill a spritz bottle with vinegar and spritz it all over me. It was the only way they’d keep away. When I got bitten, my grandmother would spritz the bite with vinegar. It took lots of the itch away. So  that’s vinegar. It does double-duty and works.

Sooth it. With calamine lotion. Like vinegar, it just works. It’s pink and powerful.

So that’s it.  My main go-tos whenever I feel that prick.

What are yours?

Enjoy your vacation!

Till next week,