I love baby bath times. The bubble baths, soap, shampoo, curly hair, warm fresh towels, it all makes you just want to…take pictures? Right! Of course, what else would you be doing if your sibling just came out of a warm bath and they look so cute and cuddly?

A few of these were inspired by recent photographs I found from my mother when she was like 2 years old and the pictures were black and white. I sat Motti on the counter in his fuzzy pink towel, turned off the flash and used a flower for a nice effect, and boom! What a pretty picture :)

I did a mixture of regular colored pictures and some B&W’s. I also took one blurry picture- purposely! It’s called Blurry Style Photography. Some pictures look better when blurred. I think this was definitely one of them! Comment which one you like better!

FOTW: Soap was used for the past 2,000 years made from all different types of things.