Not all of us realize, but it’s possible to make even a dirty unused basement or garage seem homey. If your garage needs a new garage door that will help bring more light into the space, you may contact companies like Access Garage Door Repair.


Here are some steps on how to do this:

The How-To of Brightening Up Any Room In or Out of Your Home

#1 Yellow

Yellow is a magic color. Imagine you have a black paper with a yellow dot on it. doesn’t that paper seem so much more cheerful than it would be just plain black? Add something yellow to the room. You can even put just a plain piece of yellow paper on the wall! Or you might want to go more extreme, and buy yellow tiles or paint the walls yellow. Another “yellow” idea is a smiley face. Smiles always brighten up people-or even rooms, like in this case! whatever you do, the choice is yours.

#2  Light

Make sure you have adequate light in the room. Dim light makes it feel dark and alone.

#3 Flowers

Flowers always cheer up a room! Make sure to always have a bouquet of flowers and a vase available

#4 Paintings

Keep some framed photos or painting on the walls. They add a homey touch!


OK, now you want to see what type of room to add what type of brightness to?

Here goes:
Your living room – add a family photo

Your dining room – add a vase of flowers

Bookcase – place some birthday cards and the like on the shelves

Bedroom – read my other article for this