Shackled in the chains of habit, swallowed in the hustle-bustle race of life, time moved too fast for us to keep up.
Innermost priorities fell to the wayside, we were drowned by our careers, the superficial, and our makeup.
Almost taken by surprise, a monstrous cloud globally we did face,
Led back to our homes, there was a sudden halt of our day-to-day race;
Gone was our pursuit for money, fame, honour and beauty, our constant chase.
Coronavirus – a terrifying wave came our way,
Brought terror, uncertainty, deaths, sickness and tragedy – and yet taught us how to pray.
Reactions varied: stock up, hoard supplies, deny and fight the reality of the situation.
While fighting the virus, we must ride the wave, have faith and acceptance, realise that only G-d will ensure our continuation.
Suddenly facing our mortality, our eyes have opened to how precious each minute is, how each second is a treasure;
Show love, give time and attention to family and friends, for their value in our lives we can’t measure.
Chained in a negative habit, framed and written off as a negative profile, at work, at school, at college,
Now all those structures have fallen away; we can break free of those tendencies, become new people, feel empowered by that knowledge.
No one can take away our smile, our attitudes can remain positive and bright even when things are foreboding and dark.
A challenge we’ve been handed, let’s use it to climb higher; the potential of each of us can shine, with goodness and kindness make your mark.
With small, caring acts, a lit-up world it will become; break free of the previous person we’ve been and we’ll see how far we did come.