This week was a challenging week for me on a few levels; which was kind of a continuation from my Erev Shavuos. I thought things would calm down after Shavuos, and they did in the interim, but then yesterday I faced another challenge. As I think about my days this past week, I feel that I was leaving my personal Egypt in so many ways. Every day is a new Egypt and a new journey toward self-expression and self-actualization. How can I turn this darkness into light and these challenges into opportunities? Sometimes we feel like there is a wall ahead of us and before us that we have to rise above or breakthrough…hmmm…is this a breakdown or a break through (as my friend Deborah would say)? As I was feeling challenged by life’s obstacles, my daughter approached me and asked me if I could send her song to Mrs. Laber; part of the BBM program was to compose a song that each girl created. I couldn’t believe the song she composed it was talking straight to me:

BREAK THROUGH    chaya break through      ttto BEINONI NIGUN

sometimes it’s hard but do not give up because Hashem is with you, Yagati Umatzasi Tamen the key is never to give up, I will work on myself iy”h I want you to also work on yourself,

to bring Moshiach now! 3X


P.S In Tehilim/Psalms number 8-“it says out of the mouth of babes and children you have established might to counter Your enemies” this means that sometimes what children say, the light that comes from their neshamos, is the light that can banish any enemies, obstacles and or challenges.