Birthday Surprise
“Not again.” moaned Elisheva, rummaging through her backpack for the fourth time.
“What’s wrong?” asked her mother
“I can’t find my homework.”
“So go to Chani’s house and copy it.” suggested her mother.
“Good idea, I’ll go right now.”
Ten minutes later, Elisheva came back to her house, out of breath.
“Did you get it?” her mother asked
“No, they weren’t home.” answered Elisheva
“So you’ll have to try again later.” said her mother, with a mischievous grin. “Did you remember that tomorrow is your birthday?” Elisheva had totally forgotten about it.
“No,” she answered “I totally forgot about it, but I won’t be able to enjoy it tomorrow, because I’ll be getting yelled at by Mrs. Fried because I didn’t do my homework, and she won’t believe me when I tell her that I lost it.”
“So why don’t you go see if Chani is home now?”
“Ok.” She said, walking out the door. As she walked down the block to Chani’s house, she started thinking. “If I didn’t remember my birthday, then for sure no one else did.”  “Oh, well” she reassured herself “I’ll just have to plan a party by myself.” She didn’t even have time to begin thinking about it, since she had just reached Chani’s front home. “Please be home” she muttered to herself, ringing the bell. No answer. “I guess I’ll go home, eat supper, and then come back.” Elisheva thought. But when she got home, it looked like nobody was there. All the lights were off and there wasn’t any of the usual noise. “Interesting, first Chani’s not home, and now my family isn’t? Where did they all go?” So Elisheva walked around to the back of the house to get the spare key, but she didn’t get very far, for there, at the entrance of the backyard, was a beautifully set table, with a frosted chocolate cake on it, multicolored balloons tied to the chairs, and a sign that said, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELISHEVA” All of a sudden, her family and friends started popping up from behind the table and the trees. They all shouted, “Surprise, happy birthday” And a very happy birthday it was.