Happy Purim (a Jewish festival held in spring (on the 14th or 15th day of Adar to commemorate the defeat of Haman’s plot to massacre the Jews as recorded in the book of Esther)!

Motti has an identical twin named Hadassah, and Hadassah decided to pop her face into my pictures.  She was enjoying her berry juice drink, and I realized that these pictures have a lot in common.  Guess who else popped her face into my pictures?  Riki’s sister , Mushka!  (Hey, you guys remember Riki from my earlier posts?)

Mushka is an adorable little 6-month-old who tends to have the cutest smiles in the world. She also tends to be dressed like a girly girl. ;) For Purim, her mom dressed her up as a little pink princess. Go Girl Power!

I also realized that Yaldah means “girl” in Hebrew!

Can I let you in on a little secret? Motti’s twin never existed. It’s just him… DRESSED UP AS A GIRL! I know you probably will not believe me, because he just doesn’t look anything like a boy. His hair adds a lot, too. (Our custom is that when a boy turns 3, we cut his hair. It’s called an “upshernish”. Up until then, his hair remains uncut.)

We tied his hair up in a ponytail and added a big pink bow, dressed him in a purple dress, some tights, and girly shoes. I have to say I almost didn’t recognize him! All my friends were shocked that it was actually him beneath the girly disguise.

FOTW: Strawberries are the only fruit that grow seeds on the outside, with over 200 seeds on every berry.