Hey guys!

Have you ever been in a super stressful situation? If you have, you might have noticed  a break-out. Did you ever notice that when your father’s stressed, some of his hair might turn gray? Whatever it is, we all agree on one thing: stress and inner turmoil are reflected on the outside. But the opposite is true as well. Happiness and inner peace shine through. Not only that, studies have shown that happy, easygoing people lead the longest and healthiest lives.

Now here’s the question of the day: How in the world are you meant to be calm and all-smiley.. all the time? Life’s not all fun and games. It’s full of decisions, stress, and anxiety. So here’s a little something to help keep the stress at bay: EMUNAH – Belief.

Shavuos is just around the corner. Shavuos is the time when the Jews received the Torah and said Na’aseh V’nishmah. Na’aseh – we will do. V’nishmah – and then we will  listen. In simple English: Belief. Their pure faith was something unique. The other nations said the opposite, “G-d, sounds nice. Explain Your theory a bit and, uh, then we’ll see if we want to do it.” Wrong attitude! The proof is in the pudding: they didn’t receive the Torah – we did!

I don’t know about you, but I hate making decisions. I much rather my parents saying, “Tonni, we chose this because we know it’s the right choice for you.” There. Done! I don’t need to worry if I chose right or wrong. No anxiety. Nothing. Because I know it’s not in my hands and someone older and wiser made the perfect decision for me.

Hashem is the Father of all fathers, the King of all kings and the Master decision-maker. He places every human being in the perfect place for him, in the best environment for optimal growth. If that’s the case, why should we worry or stress? We can only try our best but, ultimately, Hashem is the one pulling all the strings. He weaves a master plan which is unknown to us. We only see the bottom of the tapestry, the tangles and messes. Every day, we daven for Moshiach, to be shown the stunning masterpiece. Until then – it should be soon, we can only try hard, succeed, but more importantly, believe!

Have a great Shavuos!


PS Enjoy your cheesecake! (Remember: It’s a mitzvah so the calories don’t count!:))