Well, I thought I’d have some time to relax when I got back from camp but I guess not. That’s ok, I love being busy. Right now I’m finishing up the fall issue formatting, proofreading, and a few finishing touches. Yesterday I made a list of everything that needs to be done to finish the fall issue, and I’ve been checking things off since then. Baruch Hashem, the list has gotten a lot shorter! Hopefully I will send it off to the printer tomorrow or Friday. By the way, the photo is me setting up the background for the mitzvah profile in the Fall issue.
Besides for that, here’s a little sneak peek: I’m working on planning a YALDAH convention sometime in the winter…more info on that soon!
Lots of girls are being YALDAH agents, and hopefully they’ll have lots of success! Are you an agent yet? Check out www.yaldahmagazine.com!
That’s all for now…