Since we don’t have a ‘behind the scenes’ page on anymore, and that’s what this blog is supposed to be, I figured I’d post the old behind the scenes photos here. Enjoy!

Making the Edible Beach Fun for the Summer issue:

When we used to have to mail out the magazines ourself! Now, Thank G-d, our printer mails them out:

Leah Larson (right), her younger sister Rochel, and editorial board member, Chavie Resnick stuffing envelopes:
Taking the first batch of magazines to the post office:

Leah Larson holds “a few” envelopes:

Photographing a craft in our makeshift ‘photo studio’! Rochel Larson hold a lamp for the proper lighting, and the window shade is the background!

Making sure each page looks the best it can:

It takes lots of work to turn a great photo into a great cover! Here’s the original photo that was submitted for the cover:

It’s a great pose and great smiles, but we’re going to need a less cluttered background and some more unified colors. We’ll also do smaller things like adjust the brightness or contrast a little, take out stray hairs, etc.

And here’s what we ended up with: