Well, things are very busy like usual here at YALDAH. My brothers Bar Mitzvah was two weeks ago, so life was pretty hectic in my house (a.k.a. the YALDAH office ;-) ), but it was great seeing all my relatives and celebrating with my brother! I just got yesterday from a weekend in Morristown, NJ for the Bais Chana Teen Un-Camp there (www.baischana.org) and now I’m back to work with the finishing touches on the winter issue. Looks like I’m running late, but I’m really hoping with G-d’s help this issue will get to you on time! :-)
The Winter Retreat is really approaching, and I have so much to do before then but I’m really excited to get to meet some of you! So far we have girls registered from as far as Virginia, Florida, Georgia, New York, and of course Massachusetts. If you haven’t registered yet, the time is running out! Registration ends December 11th!
Also, don’t forget to enter our Moshiach essay & poetry contest–visit www.yaldahmagazine.com for more info.
A little sneak peek: we’ll be accepting application forms to be an Editorial Board member soon, so stay tuned!