Hey peoples,

Okay, so you’re gonna laugh at me in 1.2 seconds. Your index fingernail says a lot about your health. I see that smile. It’s okay, I’m not offended, laugh it out until you’re ready to continue reading. Ready? Good. It’s actually not that funny. Your nails indicate your  general health. So if your nails are pretty, your health is most probably pretty too. Besides, which girl doesn’t love a fresh manicure? So yeah, pretty nails are important not only aesthetically, but health-wise as well. So let’s see what’s going on behind the coat of polish.

“You are what you eat.” Correction: Your nails reflect what you eat. A diet rich in protein and iron is the way to go! That means beans and legumes (protein) and whole grains and kale (or any other leafy greens) to iron up those nails.

Hydration is the key. When I first heard this, my reaction was what?!. I’ve heard how hydration is good for a whole slew of things but never nails. But it kinda makes sense, no? So now what you’ve got to do is rub some vaseline or olive oil on those nails of yours. Oh, and don’t forget to drink your water.

Act Fancy. Even though you’re not the Queen of England, it’s a good idea to wear rubber gloves while doing chores such as washing the dishes (though I don’t think the Queen washes them). If you want extra nail softness, moisturize before donning gloves. Such chores are crazy detrimental to your nails, so beware and wear gloves.

Straighten up. Cut your nails straight across to avoid any ingrown nails. It’s also a good idea to file them in one direction. Keep the back-and-forth for LaRonde. Also, when you push back your cuticles make sure to be gentle and not damage them (damaged cuticles = damaged nails).

Clear Protection. A clear coat of polish both protects your nails and (hopefully) tastes gross enough to prevent you from biting your nails (I don’t need to tell you why that’s bad). If you’re going to go for colour, don’t keep it on for more than 10 days. More than that, it can stain your nails. So try and keep it fresh.

Spot on. I mentioned that your nails are kind of like a health-o-metre. Here’s an example: White spots can be a sign of zinc deficiency. So instead of reaching for a dark polish to cover ’em up, try loading up on zinc (milk, eggs).

Gotta get my manicure,