I’m extremely sorry for not posting it’s been kind of hectic around here. From Adar to Pesach was cleaning and from Pesach to Shavous I was preparing for my Bas Mitzvah Party this Sunday!

For my Bas Mitzvah, I’m connecting it to being a Bas Melech P’nima. I’m doing a play on the children book “Fit for a Princess”. I’m the bailiff.

I’ll hopefully post pictures in the next week or so.

I will IY”H, also, post a cupcake recipe for the cupcakes I made for my Bas Mitzvah (120).

Since it’s contest season I’ll be making a contest, whoever decorates a cake or cupcake to my liking, will be featured in my next post with the cupcakes from my Bas Mitzvah.

Also a Chessecake will be out there before Shavous!

Chag Samech!