Here is a poem I wrote that I just wanted to share:
Back in Sight

 A flower. A sunset. A night.

The world is full of delight.
A cake. A cookie. A mike-and-ike.
The world is full of stuff we like.
Without our enlightenment
it is easy to believe that all
was created for our enjoyment,
for us to have a ball.
As a person who was once invited to the palace
With a limited time he could use
To take whatever treasures

that he wished to choose.

However, there was such a pleasurable orchestra playing
It seemed there would be no problem delaying
So he stopped to listen, not thinking of the passing time
He ended up leaving without a dime.

But we were put here for a reason
to bring heaven down to Earth.
We must try every season-
It’s the reason of our birth.
We must not forget our goal-
we are a person with a soul.
The delights are just distraction,
we must continue with our mission.
Yes, we may take a bite,
but we must win the greater fight.
We will succeed, do not fear,
with Moshiach here soon this year.
Have a good Shabbos!